Sedlescombe Golden Apple, English Fruit Wine - Organic

Sedlescombe Golden Apple, English Fruit Wine - Organic

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Medium dry. Made from fresh locally grown apples to create this exquisite fruity full-of-character yet low in alcohol Country wine.

Why Apple Wine?

We source our organic apples from our neighbouring grower who sells us the fruit that supermarkets reject as either too small, too large or because it has some cosmetic blemish on it.

Is it just like Cider?

Almost, but not quite. To make this wine we add a proper wine yeast whereas with our cider we let it ferment on wild yeast. We also take care that the apple wine stays fresh, so that you can smell and taste the fresh apples in the wine.

How strong is it?

This is a wine for lunchtime drinking, or for those who prefer light wines. This wine has just 8% vol alcohol.

What do I serve it with?

Drinks well with many foods, especially lighter lunchtime meals, such as pork or lighter meats, as well as ploughman's lunch and cheeses.'Apfelwein' is a speciality in and around the Frankfurt area of Germany where some bars and restaurants serve exclusively Apple wine. There it is served with specialities such as sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) and sausages.

Why is it less expensive than grape wines?

We keep the alcohol level below 8.5% vol. which means we do not have to pay alcohol tax (duty) on this wine, which saves about £2.- per bottle.

75cl bottle.

This wine is Organic