Best Gifts for Clients and Customers

Let Your Clients Know You Value Them-

Give Them a Distinctive Wine Gift That Proves You Really do CARE!

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Roy Cook here, owner and wine maker at Sedlescombe Organic Vineyard, the enterprise I started back in 1979.
Click on this short video and I'll tell you the behind-the-scenes secrets about how we created this fabulous International Gold Medal Winning Pinot Noir-Chardonnay Traditional Quality English Sparkling Wine:

As a decision maker in your business you know that it is far more cost-effective to retain clients and customers than to get new ones. Money spent on retaining clients is money well spent.
One of the ways to show your clients that they are valued is by givine them a valued gift - and choosing to give an environmentally friendly gift says to your clients that your company cares about the same things they care about - a sustainable future for planet earth.
Sedlescombe wines are uniquely local and organic, qualities that reflect very positively on you, the giver. Your company is shown to be a caring company that values doing business locally as well as supporting environmentally friendly production methods such as organic farming. Your company is doing all it can to be as geen as possible so you probably want to honour and re-inforce this in the type of wine gift you choose. So, give your company a 'green glow' this festive season and give your most valued clients a bottle of International Award Winning champagne-style sparkling wine from Sussex!     


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Of course your very special clients deserve a little extra, and for this we have a 'Tour for Two' day-of-discovery voucher for a unique and memorable day out at Sedlescombe Organic Vineyard which includes wine tasting and either a Ploughman's Lunch or Afternoon Cream Tea. Vouchers can be redeemed throughout 2016. Together the package your client receives will look like this. A card with your personalized message is included:

Vineyard 'Tour for Two' Voucher + Bottle of Award Winning English Wine
-packed in pine box with artificial straw, sliding lid and rope handle
Sedlescombe Vineyard Tour Experience Gift Voucher with Bottle of Organic English Wine

(1) A self guided tour through 3 vineyards and woodland 

(2) A guided tour of the Winery 

(3) Wine Tasting in the 'Bar-in-the-Barn' 

(4) And a choice of either: 

a) Bread and cheese Ploughman's Lunch for two 

b) Afternoon Cream Tea for two (scones with strawberries and cream, and Tea or Coffee).  

                                                                                                                             ORDER NOW

First the visitor checks in at the shop where they receive a map and a sheet of info explaining the different vine varieties and the organic/biodynamic grape growing methods used at Sedlescombe, and then its off on the Vineyard Trail - a leisurely stroll through 3 beautiful vineyards set in the 'High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty' where they will experience organic grape growing at first-hand. The trail also takes in 2 acres of ancient English woodland with its abundance of flora, fauna and bird song - complete with a stunning carpet of bluebells in Spring!

On your return you'll head to the Winery where a guide will show you the equipment used to make Sedlescombe's international award-winning wines, and explain some of the fascinating processes involved, including owner and wine-maker Roy Cook's unique method gleaned from an ancient Gothic text from the nineteenth century which he claims greatly improves the bouquet and body of his English wines. From there it's on to the 'Bar-in-the-Barn' where you can delight in tasting the full range of these home-grown organic and biodynamic wines, including Whites, Red, and Fizz as well as fruit wines and delicious liqueurs!

To round off your tour you will experience the unique rustic atmosphere of the barn-cafe where visitors are served a superb artisan bread and cheddar cheese Ploughman's Lunch complete with pickled onions, pickle and fresh salad, Alternatively, during the afternoon, visitors can opt for a delicious Afternoon Cream Tea for Two (scones with fresh strawberries and Cornish clotted cream, Tea or Coffee) which both use local ingredients where possible. This 'Tour for Two' package combines all the best features of the Self-guided Vineyard & Woodland Nature Trail, but also includes a guided tour of the Winery to learn how organic wines are made, and concludes with a full wine tasting and either a Ploughman's lunch or Afternoon tea.

There are so many different types of gifts that suit clients and customers, making it difficult to know which your clients will like and remember most, and which will make the best impression of your company in their eyes . Which is the best type of gift to say 'Thank you' and help retain their custom into the New Year? 

1. An experience                                                                                                                            

Everything from dive trips with Great White Sharks, fighter jet flights, a luxury car to use for a day and a cooking class with a celebrity chef to mention just a few. He believes that giving experience based gifts to his clients and to the people who refer him to others has been what has made his business so successful. 

2. A considered book                                                                                                                              

 A well-considered book, which means one that is totally relevant for the recipient, is an excellent gift. Skip eBooks though. Gifts should be tactile in some way to have maximum benefit.

3. A smart gift basket                                                                                                                          

A well thought out gift basket filled with relevant, customized products will put a smile on their face, but you need to know your customers very well.

4. A totally unique gift                                                                                                                        Think of something totally unique, that is one hundred percent about the person receiving it. -hand painted t shirts, other artwork, framed photos from clients with us in the image at a specific event, a short film made by some clients and lots of other clever ideas. These gifts make for very special memories.

5. An impulsive gift                                                                                                                                    

I like to think of these gifts as the ones where the customer has no idea or expectation of receiving a gift. As an example, something as simple as the owner of a coffee shop giving you your coffee to say "thanks' for your business. In many ways the impulsive gifts are the most meaningful and sincere, and they can and should be used often.

6. A well being gift                                                                                                                                  

These are the really nice, personal gifts that create connection. If you buy a gift voucher for a day of spa pampering, it would be hard for your client not to feel a wonderful sense of gratitude regarding your gift. You gave them a day of indulgence, being pampered, and you helped them to feel good physically and mentally.

7. A membership                                                                                                                                      

 A 3-month membership to a Yoga studio, a gift subscription to Dollar Shave Club can be fun and appropriate if well thought out.

8. A magazine subscription                                                                                                                     

Every month, regular as clockwork, another issue keeps arriving, as a warm reminder of my gift - subscriptions really are the gift that keeps on giving.

9. A Combination Gift                                                                                                              

Sedlescombe Vineyard Tour Experience Gift Voucher with Bottle of Organic English Wine combines many of the features listed above. The 'Tour for Two' voucher gives a unique experience day out at this boutique winery as well as a bottle of high quality International Award winning English wine. Order now and get a great discount on quanity!