Grape Picking

Grape Picking 2017


Ÿ Please park in top area of carpark except when loading up your wine.

Ÿ Wear a glove to protect hand not holding secateurs from accidental cuts/wasps,etc. We provide secateurs and gloves.

Ÿ Ensure sheet of newspaper in bottom of crate before filling with grapes.

Ÿ Check with Liam before starting to pick a new row - it maybe a variety we do not want to pick yet! Look out for red and white hazard marking tape identifying rows NOT to be picked.

Ÿ Tea break is approx 10am - 10.15am  Lunch break is 1pm - 1.45pm.

Ÿ Pick all grapes which are likely to have juice in - except bunches of small hard green berries or those with obvious fungal disease.

Ÿ Fill crates so they are level-full but not heaped - so crates can be stacked on top of each other without crushing grapes.

Ÿ After filling each crate place it under the vines so as to allow room for tractor/trailor to pass along alleyways to collect-up the full crates.

Ÿ Hold crates by plastic hand opening, not metal stacking struts, as struts can pop out.

Ÿ Please keep a record of your hours worked so you can cash them in for wine when finished for the day/week.

Ÿ Please return secateurs and gloves at end of each day to Liam, or place in crate along with gloves.

Ÿ Sometimes people need a lift in from Hastings - If you travel in from Hastings by car, can you offer a lift?

Ÿ Interested in learning to prune vines? Please let Roy know and contact us in the New Year.

Ÿ We are hoping to arrange a meal with wine for all pickers at the end of the picking here in the shop! All welcome.


Many thanks for your help.



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