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Green Gifts for Men

If you've ever been lucky enough to receive a bottle or two of wine as a gift then you probably appreciate just what a great gift wine can be!

Most wine lovers are curious about new wines, it's part of the fun of wine. Trying new wines from new and exotic places can be almost as good as going there! New Wine styles, or different grape varieties all go towards making this delicious, sociable and fun beverage the gift of choice for real wine lovers.

Add into this scenario the lucky receiver's life-style values such as health, the environment, local produce and you inevitable come up with international award winning English Organic or Biodynamic Wine from Sedlescombe - England's oldest organic vineyard, established in 1979. Choosing these eco-wines also reflects positively on you, the giver, showing that you care about all these things too!

Want to say ''Thank you', 'Well Done', or 'I Love You'? There's no better way than with these delicious wines.


Here at Sedlescombe we have been specializing in sending out wine gifts for literally donkey's years! That's why we now use packaging that is the best we can get, namely Airpack.

This inflatable cushion packaging just never breaks, despite the best efforts of our Couriers! That's right, zero breakages in a whole year since we've adopted this packaging. So we can guarantee that your order will be received in the same condition as it leaves our winery.

Furthermore, I actually guarantee the quality of Sedlescombe wines too. If for any reason the wine fails to satisfy, I will refund the value of your purchase, no questions asked. Click here to view our selection of wines.

Roy Cook (Proprietor & Wine maker)